Settha confirms that she paid 10,000 baht digitally just once.

"Seththa" the Prime Minister revealed today that he had an appointment to have lunch with 16 ministers of the Pheu Thai Party. Confirm digital money, 10,000 baht, one-time payment

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Said that today (Sept. 4) there will be a discussion on digital wallet policy. and meet with many sectors Including at noon today (September 4), I had an appointment to eat with 16 ministers of the Pheu Thai Party to talk about policies and working methods. and confirmed that the digital wallet policy of 10,000 baht will be paid one time There is no distribution of payments as criticized by academics.

Mr. Settha also spoke about dining with future commanders of the armed forces yesterday. It is a data collection Listen to the opinions of the future commanders of the armed forces and discuss many issues. both reducing the gap soldiers and citizens Including listening to progress reports on what the army has done. There has been no discussion about bringing in experts who have previous work and ability to help with the work. After taking the oath of allegiance and has stated its policy to Parliament There will be talks with the army again.

Source: Thai News Agency