Sharing the art of Moroccan henna to Filipinos

Henna tattoo is an ancient tradition that continues to live on in Morocco, often applied to mark significant milestones such as weddings, birth or simply to celebrate Eid (festival). Its purpose remains but Morocco is also using the practice as a way to introduce its country as a destination that welcomes people to freely bask in their rich culture and arts. In September, the Moroccan Embassy in Manila brought henna artist Loubna Bedour to the Philippines to share the intricate art of skin staining. 'Henna is a synonym of happiness and joyful moments in Morocco. It's one of the original products that Morocco has and is proud to have because it's something that we use to express our attachment to our culture,' Bedour said in an interview with the Philippine News Agency. 'We believe (having henna) is a good sign, it brings luck and positive vibes,' she added, while draping henna lines on her client at the Morocco Kingdom of Light Festival held Sept. 19 to Oct. 3 at Rustan's Department Store in Makati City. Bedour said Moroccan henna is somewhat different from the henna South Asia has. In terms of design, Moroccan henna has more geometric shapes, bold lines and often features symbols and motifs from Moroccan culture and the Amazigh indigenous tribes.

Source: Philippines News Agency