Suthin confirms there will be no delay in evacuating Thais. The Royal Thai Air Force is prepared.

Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Check the readiness of the Air Force in preparing to send aircraft to pick up Thai people affected by fighting in the Middle East. The Air Force has prepared a C-130 transport aircraft. and an A 340 transport aircraft along with personnel from 3 emergency medical operations teams or MERT of the Royal Thai Air Force. who had gone on a mission during the earthquake in Türkiye and the evacuation of Thai people from the unrest situation in Sudan.

The MERT team will carry out missions together with flight medicine personnel. Especially caring for patients which has organized a set of doctors and nurses air transport and 3 sets of psychologists per flight. If there are more flights, additional sets can be arranged as needed.

Mr. Suthin made a statement after receiving the report and visiting the C130 machine that today there is a ministry administration team. Advisor to the Secretary and Assistant Minister Including the Permanent Secretary coming together and from receiving the report in the conference room. Know that the Royal Thai Air Force and the Royal Thai Armed Forces There was a meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government to discuss and formulate an action plan. While the Air Force received policies and plans in order to prepare Today we see that in the area of Thai immigration The Air Force is the main agency that must assist the government. They prepared both Airbus and C130 aircraft, and the pilots and operators were ready. In addition to the airplane When it comes to taking care of Thai people while traveling, we are ready to provide treatment to Thai people while traveling. without worrying

Now it remains only that in order to immigrate Thais in practice they must obtain permission from Israel. and will take care of our convenience We will be able to accept Thai people.

There's nothing to worry about now. I am only concerned that the situation will be beyond our control, that it will become more severe or will decrease if it becomes more severe. What we are worried about is the number of Thai people, more than 30,000 people, if all Thai people ask to return. The Air Force, which is already the main force, is afraid that it will not be able to keep up. It may be necessary to ask for cooperation from Thai Airways. or civil airlines to help Or if necessary, the Foreign Ministry has talked with Israel. May have used a charter flight before.

Source: Thai News Agency