“Suthin” ready to support the Ministry of Interior to register to purge influential people.

Suthin" explains that he is studying the concept of exchanging goods. Solving the submarine engine problem with China If exchanging fertilizer helps farmers, tell the Ministry of Defense and support the Ministry of Interior to register to clean up influential people.

Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Said about the concept of exchanging goods. Solve the problem of submarine engines Or change to procuring a surface ship that would be another solution, but admits that we have to consider the legal matter whether it can be done or not. or if in the case of being able to negotiate and exchange with China And if there is money left You might ask to get it back as fertilizer. This is the approach that is currently being studied. and will present this idea to the Prime Minister next However, we have not talked with the Navy yet. But I believe that as much as I listen The Navy was not impressed. It's up to the government to decide.

Minister of Defense He also discussed the progress of the policy for improving military conscription, saying that he had not yet discussed it with the army, but believed that from the standards that had been prepared. It will cause more people to apply for conscription. And next year there will hardly be any criteria. The army is ready to reduce the number of conscripted soldiers. and welfare will be improved The paranoid idea of attitudes that people are concerned about, will continue to be developed together with the military. or short-, medium-, and long-term reforms after entering the Ministry on September 13, there should be more clarity on various matters.

When asked about the case of influential kamnans in the Nakhon Pathom area being involved in the police shooting, Mr. Suthin said he had not received any reports that soldiers were involved. But in the case where there may be soldiers supporting the influential person. It is the policy of the Army to maintain disciplined and efficient personnel. For the Ministry of Interior The list of influential people will be registered. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior directly. which the Ministry of Defense Ready to support And if you want any information Ready to coordinate fully.

Source: Thai News Agency