Taiwan electronics group invests in Thailand for 8 months, asks BOI for more than 30 billion baht

BOI reveals a group of electronic manufacturers from Taiwan. including printed circuit boards, notebooks and smart electronic devices. gradually come to invest and choose Thailand as the main production base for export Request for investment promotion in the first 8 months of 2023 worth more than 30,000 million baht

Mr. Narit Therdsateerasak Secretary-General of the Board of Investment (BOI) revealed that the electronics industry It is considered a strategic industry in the world. It is also a targeted industry that the BOI attaches great importance to as it is connected and is an important development base for other industries, such as automotive, digital, medical equipment. automation and robotics, etc. In the past 2-3 years, the global electronics industry has expanded greatly. Thailand is one of the outstanding investment destinations. both in terms of good infrastructure The electrical system is stable. The industrial estate area is ready to accommodate more investments. Personnel have skills and expertise in electronics. End-to-End Supply Chain and the government has competitive support measures making many electronic manufacturers especially from Taiwan Decided to choose Thailand as the main production base for exporting to the world market.

Most of the investment projects from Taiwan are printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers, notebook computers and smart electronic devices that bring sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) or embedded systems. used as a smart speaker computer equipment and wearable devices, etc. BOI sees the opportunity and potential of Thailand as a production base for such industries. therefore has continuously organized activities to promote investment from Taiwan Including coordinating with members of the major PCB manufacturers association from Taiwan. Exploring the area to plan investment in Thailand urgently during the second quarter of the past, resulting in a significant increase in the number of PCB companies from Taiwan gradually investing in Thailand.

“Thailand has been an important production base for the electronics industry in the region for more than 40 years and has developed supporting industries in parts and raw materials until it is strong and integrated. He also has experience working with world-class companies. Therefore, it has the potential to extend to upstream industries such as wafer production. and electronic design Including the production of new products such as high-tech electronic components. and smart electronic products Taiwan is one of the targets for Thailand to attract investment. Because it is a world-class leader in electronic technology, ”said Narit.

Taiwan is now a leader in the world's electronics industry. It has a market share of over 65% of the world's semiconductor production, with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) being the largest producer. For the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are the heart of electronic devices, the Taiwanese company is the number one manufacturer in the world. Has a share of the world market at 35%, currently the top 20 Taiwanese PCB manufacturers have decided to invest in Thailand, 10 of which are WUS PCB, APEX, Dynamic Electronics, Gold Circuit, APCB, etc. When combined with PCB manufacturers from the country Others such as China and Japan also invested. This makes Thailand the largest PCB cluster in ASEAN. followed by Vietnam and Malaysia For the remaining major PCB manufacturers It is an important goal that the BOI will accelerate inviting additional investments in Thailand. Some of them have accepted and are preparing to invest soon.

“The investment of a group of PCB manufacturers from Taiwan in this round. considered a major investment wave that not only generates a lot of money for the country But it will help raise the level of supply chains in the country. Employment and development of personnel in electronics and modern machinery as well as creating business opportunities for Thai parts manufacturers with the potential to enter the world's electronic supply chain. Through activities to connect industries of the BOI as well,” said Mr. Narit.

In the past 8 months (January-August 2023), there have been applications for investment promotion from Taiwanese companies in the electronics industry, totaling 20 projects with an investment value of over 30,000 million baht, 7 of which are PCB production projects such as Gold Circuit Electronics, ITEQ. Corporation, Taiwan Union Technology, and produces notebooks for HP, the world's No. 2 computer company, for 2 projects: QMB and Inventec. There are also major Taiwanese companies in the electronics sector that have previously invested, such as Delta. Electronics, Tatung, Cal-Comp, Techman, Chicony, Primax, etc

Source: Thai News Agency