Temporarily stop searching Fishing boat driver capsized in the middle of the sea

Authorities temporarily halt the search for missing persons from the wreck of a local fishing boat. After the strong wind while the survivor died Revealing the cause: While anchoring for fishing, 3 waves hit the boat in a row.

From the case on the afternoon of September 10, SRCC Region 3 was informed that There was a local fishing boat with a crew of 4 people who had an accident and was swept away by waves and sank in the middle of the sea. Around Koh L, Rawai Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District After receiving the notification, S.R.C. Region 3 coordinated with various agencies. Searching in the middle of the sea Two crew members were able to swim ashore on L Island. and found 1 dead person floating not too far from L Island. They were all brought ashore at Chalong Bay Pier. and still searching for another missing person until dark, coupled with strong winds which is a major obstacle Therefore, the search was temporarily stopped.

As for the two survivors, Mr. Rojanasak, age 45, and Mr. Abidin, age 46, were taken to Chalong Hospital. Both were found to have symptoms of choking on seawater and fatigue. The deceased was Mr. Witthaya Ayu. 52 years old and the missing person is Mr. Wisit, 44 years old, who was driving the boat.

Mr. Rojanasak One of the victims who survived said that during the incident he had been riding a local fishing boat to go fishing. with Mr. Wisit The missing person was a boat driver. When they reached the middle of the sea about 30 meters from L Island, they parked their boat to go fishing. While fishing, there were strong waves. Waves about 2-3 meters high hit the boat violently, 3 waves in a row, causing the boat's bow to drown. And water came into the boat. So they tried to help scoop water out of the boat. But not before the ship sank beneath the sea.

While Mr. Abidin another survivor which sits on the side of the boat near L Island I tried to swim towards the shore while carrying my fishing rod. After about 10 minutes, I swam to the shore of L Island. As for himself and Mr. Witthaya, who died, and Mr. Wisit, the boat driver Floating around the place where the ship sank. Before Mr. Wisit said that he couldn't take it anymore and disappeared. Meanwhile, Mr. Abidin Use a fishing rod to swing the fishing line to help him. and pulled towards the shore When they reached the shore, they tried to look for the two people but couldn't find them. During that time, Mr. Abidin Called to inform the rescuers to come and help. and searched until he found Mr. Witthaya who drowned and died

As for the search for 1 missing person, at this time no body has been found. and has temporarily suspended the search Because it was evening The wind waves are quite strong. There will be danger for the search team. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency