Thai stocks fell more than 20 points, lowest in 3 years.

Bangkok, The Thai stock market in the early afternoon continued to fall 23 points, falling below 1,400 points. "Pakorn" attributed the unrest in the Middle East and US interest rates. Press stock market indexes around the world Prepare to cooperate with the government to carry out road shows abroad. build confidence

The Thai stock market this afternoon was the lowest in 3 years, dropping 1,400 points, falling more than 25 points. At 2:32 p.m., the SET index was at 1,399.21 points, down 23.83 points (-1.67%) as foreign stock markets adjusted their base downwards under pressure from US government bond yields (10-year bond yield) surges and worries about war in the Middle East are likely to last.

Mr. Phakorn Peetathawatchai, Director and Manager of the Stock Exchange Said that the stock market index that has dropped during this period is not just Thailand alone. But it is an event that happened to stock markets around the world. from various impacts In the past one month Because new events have occurred, such as the conflict in the Middle East between Israel-Palestine, Hamas, makes it a big issue. that has a wide impact It also has an impact on oil prices. and other matters, including the issue of US interest rates It has an impact all over the world as well.

“The impact of the Middle East on oil prices. I want it to be seen as having an impact on the economic sector. industrial sector And which listed companies? Because you have to go see it because the impact doesn't affect the whole picture. Because some groups received positive results and some groups received negative results from energy prices Therefore, I would like to say that right now you should look carefully at the information from all angles, but you must follow it closely. Because information changes rapidly during this period. I would like to point out that this is an event that does not happen only in Thailand. But the important issue now is how to attract foreign investment into Thailand,” Mr. Phakorn said.

Mr. Phakorn said that now the Stock Exchange Private and public sectors We must work together to build confidence. to investors to attract money back into investment This can be done in many ways, such as providing more information on how Thai listed companies have been affected and how they still have the ability to make a profit. How is the Thai economic system? including various perspectives in the future related to government policy How will there be changes? in order for the economic sector to return to growth This requires more cooperation in providing information to both the public and private sectors. The government sector gives importance to various matters. These are already By the end of November 2023, both the government and private sectors will travel. Foreign roadshow in Singapore It will be a trip to provide up-to-date information to investors. To gain investor confidence Including investing money back into the Thai stock market

Source: Thai News Agency