Thailand joins hands with Korea through the K-EXPO Thailand 2023 stage.

Queen Sirikit Convention Center, Thailand joins hands with Korea through the K-EXPO Thailand 2023 stage. Minister "Sermsak" is satisfied after many Thai private companies matched him for business negotiations. Hoping to push the Thai economy through soft power

Mr. Sermsak Phongphanich, Minister of Culture, visited K-EXPO Thailand 2023, organized by many Korean government agencies in collaboration with the Korean Content Promotion Agency (Korea Creative Content Agency: KOCCA), Republic of Korea. Hosting K-EXPO Thailand 2023 with a fund to develop safe and creative media. Being a co-host on the Thai side Organize the event between 9-12 November 2023 to build relationships. and business matching between Republic of Korea entrepreneurs and Thai private companies in the media industry. which consists of Television business, animation, cartoons, music, games, esports

as well as related industries such as the tourism industry, souvenirs, handicrafts, etc., hoping to enhance cooperation between the two countries to be even closer. In 2023, it is considered the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two friendly countries. It also creates added value from culture. Through the creation of quality content and expanding international market opportunities as well, with MCOT PCL also joining in setting up a booth to organize this event.

“After this, there will be business expansion. Match negotiations on trade and investment between the two countries in the area of more soft power. Accept that the production of products by the new generation of Korea Many areas have developed and advanced greatly. While the new generation of Thai children Has a lot of potential There is cooperation between the two countries. It will make cooperation in economics, culture, knowledge exchange. Raise the economy of both countries even more,” Mr. Sermsak said.

Mr. Thanakorn Srisuksai, Manager of the Safe and Creative Media Development Fund, said that there were a large number of private companies joining the event, hundreds of companies. To exchange knowledge, sell products, find contracts in Thailand It is considered to be stimulating media operators in Thailand to develop more. Korea admits that Thai content, such as New Year's Eve, Destiny, and many other aspects Korea is ready to distribute it as well. to achieve exchange The awakening of Thai soft power I believe that after this there will be awareness in the media production industry. There is more motivation from the new generation to enter the industry.

I admit that after this There will be a lot of investment in business matching contracts. including cooperation between government agencies and the private sector of both countries To jointly reform the media production industry and produce creative media in Thailand Creating added value from media and entertainment industry Push Thailand's soft power to grow further Thailand is considered a platform for exchange. In Korea, a large group was brought to organize K-EXPO Thailand 2023, so Thailand should undergo major reforms. Raise the level of Thai soft power to be on par with Korea. The government promotes it through the budget. and set policies more clearly Looks like it will push Thai soft power to grow even more.

Source: Thai News Agency