Thank you post “General Prayut” as a model for the Prime Minister

BANGKOK, Aug. 27 – “Thanakorn” posted a thank you to “Gen. Best Executive Focusing on dedicating physical and mental energy throughout the past 9 years to develop the country in all dimensions raised as a model of being Prime Minister

Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office and Deputy Leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party A personal Facebook post, specifying the topic "Uncle Tu" in my heart, along with mentioning General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. that I would like to thank General Prayut Prime Minister who is loyal to the institution, nation, religion, monarchy and adhere to the people who served as Prime Minister for a long time of 9 years who led Thai society Going through a time of political divisions Come back to be Thailand 4.0 that moves towards stability, wealth and sustainability.

Managing the COVID-19 Crisis Until Thailand has been praised around the world and has been praised as a country recovering after COVID-19. Well ranked number 1 in the world, stand up and take care of Thai people. Create universal equality, lay foundations, create opportunities for national development in terms of economy, agriculture, industry, transportation, technology, society and environment. Including work in foreign countries that have been completed. Restore Thai-Saudi Arabia relations after 30 years

Mr. Thanakorn said that for him, General Prayut is the model of being a prime minister, being a great executive Determined to work, dedicating physical, mental, intellectual, adhering to the law and the rule of law in the administration of the country. Be a commander like a good friend Advising on work, giving advice on my work. both government spokesmen and Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office including the role of people's representatives as MPs ready to act in continuation of the policy plans and projects initiated Because today General Prayut has sowed the seeds of goodness. both in the administration of state affairs and in political work Let many people come back to believe in honesty, honesty, the result of the determination to work for the nation and the benefit of the people's brothers and sisters. As the saying goes, the position didn't last long. legends live forever

Mr. Thanakorn said that as a personal person, General Prayut He is the person who gives himself the opportunity in every matter. For him, he is a benefactor, he will be in my heart forever. with spirit General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the 29th Prime Minister of Thailand .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency