The accident occurred because dogs fought each other, shooting 6 times, killing 1, hurting 1.

Chachoengsao, Aug. 21 – Caused by a dog fight. It escalated to the level of relatives punching and pulling guns, firing 6 shots, killing 1 person and injuring 1 person.

Police, Muang Chachoengsao Police Station inspect the house Inside Soi Luang Narin, Bang Phai Subdistrict, Mueang Chachoengsao District After the incident, Mr. Wisut, 38, was shot 4 times in the chest before dying at the hospital, while Ms. Chalinee, 25, his wife was shot in the place. Leg area 2 shots injured

Check out the surrounding area. Found a window next to the back door of the house with traces of broken glass. On the floor, a 9mm bullet casing was found on the floor, while the perpetrator, whose name was Mr. Kamol, was 43 years old.

Investigated that Mr. Wisut and Mr. Kamol were relatives and planted houses next to each other. without fence In the past, it was good to talk until 1-2 years ago, both houses began to have arguments and fights. From the problem of dogs that both parties raised came out to bite each other until they were injured.

Recently, yesterday (August 20), Mr. Wisut and Mr. Kamol fought each other in the middle of the market. before being banned therefore dispersed, then Mr. Kamol drove back to his house and met Ms. Chalinee, Mr. Wisut's wife. So there was a quarrel with each other. Before Mr. Kamol punches Ms. Chalinee and walks home, Mr. Wisut, her husband, learns about the story and scolds Mr. Kamol, causing Mr. Kamol to walk out of the house with a gun. and shot through the window glass penetrate into the bedroom before taking his wife and children into the car to escape

Pol. Col. Satit Mitruk, Superintendent of Chachoengsao Police Station, revealed that he initially coordinated the radio interception of Mr. Kamol's car. and if Mr Kamol does not turn himself in I will ask for approval from the Chachoengsao Provincial Court to issue an arrest warrant. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency