The baht touched 35.62 baht/dollar, the weakest in more than 2 months.

The baht touched its weakest level in more than two months at 35.62 baht per US dollar. before returning to close the market at 35.60 baht per dollar. Depreciated compared to yesterday's market closing level of 35.51 baht per dollar.

Miss Kanchana Chokpaisansin Research executive Kasikorn Research Center Indicates that the baht is depreciating Corresponds to Asian currency and the Yuan amid weak signs of the Chinese economy as reflected in the numbers of Chinese exports in August that continued to shrink. Even at a rate less than the market expected.

In addition, the dollar There is also support from the market reevaluating the possibility of seeing the Fed raise the policy interest rate again for the rest of the year. For today's fund flow direction Foreign investors net sold Thai stocks for 850.16 million baht but had a net inflows status into the Thai bond market for 595 million baht.

As for the movement of the baht tomorrow, it is expected to be at 35.50-35.80 baht per dollar. Important factors that need to be followed include the direction of foreign capital. Yuan currency situation Japan's 2Q23 GDP numbers (final) and statements from Fed officials. .

Source: Thai News Agency