The Lottery Department welcomes charity lottery tickets and is ready to process them immediately.

Lottery Office welcomes charity lottery tickets. This can be done immediately according to government policy under the Gambling Act.

Col. Noon Sansanakhom, Director of the Government Lottery Office. Revealing the case where Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, received a proposal from the Fund for Educational Equality (EEF) regarding guidelines for issuing lottery results for equality, he assigned the Deputy Director The Lottery Office Went to discuss and explain details with the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance along with relevant agencies today (7 September 2023), which is in accordance with the lottery law for educational equality. Can be implemented immediately according to government policy. In the form of a charity lottery under the Gambling Act. that can use the money received from the sale of lottery tickets to carry out projects in accordance with government policy By virtue of the Cabinet

“The Lottery Office Complete with every step in accepting the charity lottery policy. for immediate study Because it is considered the power of the Cabinet. It is government policy and the Gambling Act. It has already opened the way for the proceeds from the sale of charity lottery tickets to be used in accordance with government policy. Without having to send any income to the treasury,” Col. Nun said.

However, the Cabinet has previously approved a framework for various agencies to issue charity lotteries with a total amount not exceeding 10,000 million baht. There are 16 agencies already approved to issue charity lottery projects that are expected to be implemented. Completed by mid-year 2024, with 11 million certificates issued each installment. Previously, the Fund for Educational Equality Has come to discuss details with the lottery office to some extent. He himself clarified and explained that the agency is already able to earn money from the charity lottery project. But must request approval from the Cabinet

Source: Thai News Agency