The Ministry of Public Health prepares to raise the level of health insurance

Mr Chon Nan" prepares to raise the level of universal health insurance Use one ID card to treat anywhere. when did it start Please study first

Dr Chonnan Srikaew, Minister of Public Health Mentioned the policy, the first thing to be implemented by the Ministry of Public Health, that he was waiting to hear the policy to be announced first. Will the policy of 30 baht cure all diseases be revived or not? It is to raise the level of the original policy and change it for the better.

The original part was a universal health insurance scheme without paying 30 baht. Will this new policy have to return to pay 30 baht or not? The Minister of Public Health said it was an old project during the Thai Rak Thai government. Originally, the service users will pay 30 baht, but when improving continuously, they do not have to pay. with or without income

“The new policy will not talk about finances. and to raise the level for people to access more services by using a single ID card can receive treatment anywhere This covers both health and performance. When the system is complete, it can be operated immediately. How long will it take? Let me see the details first," said Dr. Chon Nan

Source: Thai News Agency