The Prime Minister confirmed that there were no conflicts in discussions with the BoT Governor.

"Seththa" Prime Minister stated discussions with governors. BoT, the atmosphere is good. no conflict Confirm that we will continue to discuss together.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, said that discussions with the BoT Governor as the highest leader To hear opinions from many sides Concerning the implementation of overall economic policy The atmosphere is good. no conflict and will meet to discuss together continuously Both face-to-face discussions and phone discussions are more frequent. Confirm no conflict The National Bank must oversee the stability of financial institutions. The government must take care of the overall economy. Taking care of people's stomach problems Accept that there are both agreeing and disagreeing matters. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to opinions from many sides. We have to talk about cause and effect. Because they are all adults together. Making overall economic policy must be discussed with BoT closely.

Source: Thai News Agency