The Prime Minister confirms using blockchain to advance digital wallets

The Prime Minister confirms the use of blockchain to move forward with the digital wallet of 10,000 baht. He has not yet answered the source of funds. Yam already has a spokesman for the government. hope to help understand and prevent confusion There is no need for the Cabinet of Education to focus on group discussion for speed of work.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, went on a mission to the Pheu Thai Party at 8:37 a.m. Immediately after arriving, the party greeted a group of veterans who were waiting to congratulate the Prime Minister and Mr. Suthin Klangsaeng, Minister of Defense. The Prime Minister then gave an interview about the source of funds that will be used in the 10,000 baht digital wallet policy after it was reported that he might borrow from state enterprises that he had talked with many sectors in the past. Currently, it is being considered where the money will come from.

“Yesterday (September 6) I talked with the Governor of the Bank of Thailand. which gives many ideas and gave advice that if the digital wallet policy of 10,000 baht is to be implemented in the medium and long term of the country What will the country's financial and fiscal system be like, such as public debt figures? No matter how it goes up or down, you agree that it is a good thing. But there must be a discussion for clarity. I don't want it to be talked about. Today, I'd like to do my homework first. Don't forget that today I am still unable to take over management. We must wait for the policy statement to Parliament before we can give orders. Today, please let it be a matter of discussion and collecting information first. Please do not speak to cause confusion. Please be a little calm because today information comes from many sectors,” the Prime Minister said.

When asked whether it would be in the form of issuing bonds to raise funds or not. The Prime Minister said that he would like to be calm and would like a little time. He does not want to answer because the media has written about it causing misunderstandings.

When asked about the system that must be used, the Prime Minister confirmed that it is a blockchain system. and confirm that this policy will be implemented in the first quarter of 2024.

The Prime Minister said that there will also be a Cabinet meeting outside the office. But when that will be will be determined again. As for the economic cabinet meeting Think about working these days There is no need to sit and wait. Because it is time consuming to prepare documents that are quite a lot. We use group work to talk together. There will be no need to prepare many documents. Moreover, nowadays there are many methods of communication. Therefore, I think that the Economic Cabinet is not necessary. But I am confident that everything will move forward faster than it does today.

When asked about the first Cabinet meeting on September 13, aside from amending the constitution and reducing energy prices, What else is important? the prime minister said Please be a little patient because there are many matters, many things that have been prepared. We have already announced that What will the first council do? which he will have to see when the date will actually start to be used If you say it first, there will be confusion. Today there will be an internal discussion of the agenda for the meeting. Today is a matter of searching for a person to take on the position of spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office. which understands that already So there's no confusion when talking back and forth. Otherwise, it will confuse the public and the press. As for who it will be, it takes a little more time.

When asked that in addition to the position of government spokesperson Will other political civil service positions be considered for appointment at all or not at the first Cabinet meeting? The Prime Minister said that there will probably be some as well. Because many agencies have already prepared and consider it an urgent matter to be implemented as well. I accept that there are many important matters. and he would talk to the working group that What are some things that the Prime Minister must do in order to prioritize? But I want to give clarity first and then make a statement at once. Prevent confusion

When asked whether this government will set a time frame for work or not to see what results will be seen in 100 days, the Prime Minister said that he must consider it first. There hasn't been any discussion there yet. But confirm that you will definitely see the work.

As for the first Cabinet meeting, will there be a division of work for the Deputy Prime Minister or not? The Prime Minister said that it probably is and is being considered, which today will be 1. Matters discussed in the working group As for whether or not he will personally supervise security matters or not, that is not up to par. This matter will be discussed at the meeting. Next Cabinet But he emphasized that he would go in and supervise. Police Commission in person

When asked about the Kao Klai Party, he noted the policies of the Pheu Thai Party. There are many matters that were campaigned for but were not included in the government's policy statement. The Prime Minister said that he would like to wait and see from the policy statement. Today, understand the duties of the opposition in monitoring. and is the duty of the management team It has a duty to explain in order to understand the various steps. and are not worried if they will be questioned and questioned in Parliament Because it is considered normal When we volunteer to come to work must be ready to be examined And it's good to make us stronger.

“This afternoon we will discuss with the Secretary-General of the Board of Investment or BOI to discuss international investment issues whether there are any obstacles or not. Because foreign investment is considered important in stimulating the economy. You will then meet and discuss with the United States Ambassador to Thailand. We would like to assure the media that we will work hard,” the Prime Minister said.

Source: Thai News Agency