The Prime Minister leads the Cabinet to visit a sample agricultural project.

Chang Hua Pot Project Under the royal initiative, Phetchaburi Province, The Prime Minister leads the Cabinet to visit a sample agricultural project. and collecting economic plant varieties at the Chang Hua Man Project according to royal initiative Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister along with the Cabinet visited a sample agricultural project and collected economic plant varieties at the Chang Hua Mun Project. Under the royal initiative, with Ms. Kobkun Kanchanalai, Deputy Director of His Majesty's Royal Projects welcome Prime Minister and Cabinet Listen to a briefing on the project. Including watching a video of the history and operations of the Chang Hua Man Project. Inside the building there is an exhibition board showing: 1. Agro-industry, Manao Rai Luang Group. that has expanded the product by pruning and developing large lemon varieties (giant limes) 2. Private sector group Bangchak Group that has come to participate in energy operations Repair and installation of wind turbines within the project. 3. Milk processing and animal husbandry work. The Prime Minister ate soft serve ice cream. from products within the project as well Then the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Take the tram to visit the project. Along with listening to a lecture on the allocation of space within the project, consisting of: 1. Area for growing giant limes. and Manao Pan Phetchaburi 2. Wind turbine installation area that the private sector has participated in (Bangchak Group) 3. Phetchaburi pineapple planting area 4. Cow and buffalo raising area, young cattle pen - heifers, where solar panels have been installed in the barn area. for use in the rearing house 5. Rubber planting area 6. Phet Sai Rung apple planting area 7. Earthworm rearing area for use in fertilizer production 8. Pond area In which floating solar panels are arranged to benefit the efficient allocation of space resources. 9. Vegetable planting plots, 10. Rice planting plots ?? 43 and 11. Pasteurized milk processing factory. After visiting the area within the project T he Prime Minister listened to a lecture on soil management at the Soil Museum. The Prime Minister subsidized Royal Project products. By purchasing organic vegetable products within the project. On this occasion, the Minister and the Cabinet Placed a garland to pay homage to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great at the nine-sided pavilion. and receive souvenirs from villagers in the area Before returning to Bangkok. Source: Thai News Agency