The private sector supports adding 100 billion baht to the Empowerment Enhancement Fund.

Bangkok, The private sector supports adding 100 billion to the capacity building fund. Not worried about the national debt If the GDP grows according to the target Asking for concern about next year's electricity bill

Mr. Kriengkrai Thiennukul, Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.), spoke about the policy of the 10,000 baht top-up project via Digital Wallet, as the Prime Minister announced that In addition to the aforementioned project adding 600,000 million baht to the economy, covering 50 million people, it will also add another 100,000 million baht to the Empowerment Fund. The private sector is very supportive. Because it's a good story. To stimulate the economy this time, suddenly there was a figure of 100,000 million baht that was a fund for increasing capacity. Which I think is due to the government listening to concerns from all sides. who are concerned that the economic stimulus in the Digital Wallet 10,000 baht project will only stimulate the consumer sector But the investment sector has not been stimulated. Therefore, there is a clear division. The investment sector will invest in target industries and industries of the future. which is in line with the Federation of Thai Industries. that is being driven and think that this stimulation is therefore a combination There are adjustments to make it appropriate. and answers the questions that many people are concerned about

As for adjusting the criteria and conditions for those eligible to receive 10,000 baht, I see it as an adjustment to enable progress. Because the most important thing at this time The private sector sees the need for strong economic stimulus measures. No matter what form it is. And it must be rotated several times, so it must be continued. Because last week was just a statement of conditions. or say who will have the rights However, we still have to wait for clarity on the time period when the actual expenses can be spent. which if it can be stimulated according to the target It is believed that there is a chance that the Thai economy will grow up to 5% as announced by the Prime Minister. Because the Bank of Thailand has come out and said Money to be inserted into the system At least it helped the economy grow by several percentage points. As for borrowing money to pay for the Digital Wallet project, the private sector is not concerned. Because if the loan makes the economy grow, it's worth it. But this depends on the efficiency and whether it can be achieved according to the target or not.

However, what the private sector is concerned about is Regarding electricity prices that will increase again next year In the past, the industrial sector and The FTI has already spoken with the government sector. He therefore would like to entrust those involved to help take care of the problem of electricity costs for the industrial sector, the public, and all sectors. Because electricity is a cost. and is a factor in increasing competitiveness

“If electricity is cheap Compete with neighboring countries But at the same time The cost of electricity is one factor in attracting investment funds called FDI from abroad. Therefore, the government sector is already well aware of this matter. The private sector therefore hopes that the government sector will help lower the cost of electricity. For example, when it was 3.99 baht/unit, we thank you for your quick response. But this number, I have said in interviews, is not yet the final price. Because when compared to Vietnam Their electricity price is 2.70 baht, Indonesia's is 3.30 baht. Therefore, we want the government to make our electricity price between Vietnam and Indonesia. Because at least it will make us competitive. and can attract investment capital from foreigners who are currently choosing which country to invest in,” Mr. Kriangkrai said.

Source: Thai News Agency