The Royal Thai Army has stated that there has been no order to adjust the fuel issue.

The Royal Thai Army says there has been no order to transfer unit commanders from setting up a committee to investigate fuel issues. As the media presents

As the media has presented news claiming that on October 1, 2023, the Royal Thai Army has issued an order regarding the transfer of the Director of the Royal Ordnance Department. to work in the command section It is connected with the establishment of a committee to investigate the fuel disbursement case of military units in the Saraburi area.

Please note that now The Army has not yet issued any orders regarding the adjustment of the position of the Director of the Royal Thai Army Ordnance Department. As shown in the news

At this time, the Army Commander has orders only for military units to bring personnel and equipment to help people from the flood situation this weekend only.

Presentation claiming to be a news source It may create confusion and affect the person being addressed. Therefore, we request that caution be taken in this matter as well. If there is progress in the investigation process regarding the inspection of fuel, As the Royal Thai Army has previously explained to society, It will be officially notified to society and the media.

Source: Thai News Agency