The temple is almost broken. Reverend Grandfather Heng’s birthday. Giving away medals “Heng Chana Jhon”

Yesterday, the 96th anniversary of the birthday of "Luang Pu Heng" Kechi Dang, people flocked to receive consecrated coins, model "Heng Chan Jon", while the lottery panel for Luang Pu Heng Kleang's age numbers.

Yesterday (10 Aug. '23), students from all over the country flowing to Wat Phatthana Thammaram Or Wat Ban Dan Chong Chom, Dan Subdistrict, Kap Choeng District, Surin Province, the 8th anniversary celebration of the 96th anniversary of the abbot of Wat Phatthana Thammaram. With a ceremony to worship the eyes of Luang Pu Heng Paphaso, the largest in the world The lap size is 7 meters wide and 9 meters high, which is enshrined in Wat Phatthanaram. By the disciple of Reverend Grandfather, he made a medal to worship fundraising created Luang Pu Heng Papaso is the monastic president. In the Puttapisek Ceremony, sacred objects together with all 9 senior monks sit and pray intensely. for 7 generations of sacred object coins

Especially the coin model "Heng Chana Jon" was created by "Thor Buriram" and the team. There is also "Pong Suphan", the president of the Thailand Amulet and Buddha Amulet Foundation, attended the ceremony along with guaranteeing the quality of both Buddhist art patterns And mass that has been accepted in the Thai amulet industry as well After completing the Puttapisek ceremony All 7 amulets of amulets were distributed, with a large number of people and Buddhists flocking to receive them until the temple was crowded.

While the people who gamble Take the opportunity to light incense and guess the numbers. Asking for luck at Grandparents' Shrine Located inside the temple, the number 379 appeared, making it a huge sensation among the people who attended the event because the numbers 79 and 97 matched Luang Pu Heng's age. Who today is fully 96 years old and enters the age of 97 years, making the lottery panel number 96 69 97 79 and the birth number on August 11, although the lower number already When the period on July 31, 2023, however.–Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency