The trigger for the shooting of a highway police officer was dissatisfied with being denied help in a position transfer.

The case of a famous Nakhon Pathom village headman's subordinate shooting and shooting Inspector Siew, a highway patrolman, to death. It is thought that the cause was dissatisfaction with being denied assistance in transferring positions. The police commander said that if the shooter fought and resisted the special order immediately, as for the famous village headman After the incident, he still hasn't been found.

For the trigger of this outrageous shooting incident It comes from a famous village headman in the Nakhon Pathom area. invited a group of policemen to eat talk at home Claiming to be in the same area So I want to get to know each other. But it appears that the village headman tried to talk and persuade him to lobby for a position transfer for his friends. He was in the line of work under Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn, who died, but was rejected. Because it is well known that Pol. Lt. Col. Siwakorn is a straightforward person. along with the reason that it must be in accordance with the regulations of the agency And let's look at the main results. made the village chief dissatisfied Until there was a violent argument Before the headman stood up and left the dining table in anger. Soon, a criminal walked over to the dining table where the police group was sitting. Then he pulled out a gun and fired at the police and fled. The famous village headman was never found again.

Declared that if the shooter fought and resisted the Special Operations Command immediately,

Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapop Phuridej, commander of the Central Investigation Bureau, ordered the police to conduct a central investigation. Complete with weapons Go to the area urgently Tracing the trail of the shooter of "Inspector Pimples", urging him to be careful. Because criminals carry guns with them all the time. If a fight breaks out It may be necessary to do an extraordinary job. As for the famous village headman After the incident, he still hasn't been found. At this time, we are in the process of coordinating to summon someone to give evidence before the tragedy occurred. If involved Will prosecute without exception

As for "Nong," the gunman, it was found that he had a history of committing crimes. There was a case of attempted murder. and cases involving firearms and cause loss of property Considered a dangerous person.

Source: Thai News Agency