There will be a royal cremation ceremony for Inspector Siwa this afternoon.

Relatives, government officials, and people who used to work closely with Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn Saibua who were shot dead by subordinates of the village headman of Nakhon Pathom. Join in listening to sermons and join in chanting Buddhist mantras. Before there will be a royal cremation ceremony today.

Atmosphere at Sala Meenanan 2, Sala 11, Wat Phra Si Mahathat, Bang Khen, families, including relatives and government officials. And people who had worked closely with Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn Saibua or "Inspector Siwa" or Inspector Bank gradually came to listen to the sermon and join in listening to the chanting of Buddhist mantras. Matika-Bangsakul and join together to offer lunch Including being present to send Inspector Bank and at 1:00 p.m. there will be a royal cremation ceremony with Police General Torsak Sukwimon, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, presiding.

As for the crematorium 1 area, which is the place for the royal cremation ceremony, it is decorated simply. Use cloth and flowers and cloth. The blue-white tone is the main principle in this matter. Somdet Phra Sangharaja Sakon Maha Sangha Parinayok The president of the requiem robe is presented in front of the coffin.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat Pankaew, acting highway police commander As a direct supervisor of the Bank Inspector revealed that for today's ceremony After the Abhidhamma prayer is completed, the body will be moved to the crematorium. Waiting for the royal cremation ceremony with Police General Torsak Sukwimon. Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police presided over the ceremony. However, the loss of Inspector Siwa this time, a high-ranking commander Whether it is the Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Commander of the Central Investigation Police and grade level supervisors Including friends of police officers as well as many former senior police officers who have retired from government service. They couldn't accept the incident. Emphasize that action must be taken to clean up bad blood. or bad police officers Let it all go away. For the police who were involved in the party incident, it was on September 6th. A total of 66 will be executed every one. But it will be divided into 3 groups. The first group is the group that helps Inspector Siwa. and the deputy superintendent who was injured and sent to the hospital, the second group was a group that helped the accused, and the third group was a group of police officers who had brain damage. Run away and scatter out of the area. For whatever reason. It must be dealt with because it is considered the most disrespectful.

An arrest warrant will be issued to the police. Is that in additional work? I don't want to talk about it yet. It is the duty of Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Which the duty level is the deputy investigator. But confirm that it's not finished yet. There are still other people involved, but whether or not there will be 5-6 people as the reporter inquired about. He was unable to answer.

As for the case of the page Sum Kamnan Nok, the announcement was issued in a manner threatening the police to release Kamnan Nok. Get out of that prison On the side of the Acting Commander of the Highway Police, he said that in this matter Pol. Lt. Gen. Jiraphop Phuridej, Commander of the Central Investigation Police. which is attached to an important mission abroad We have followed the situation in this matter closely. And an order was given to the Technology Crime Suppression Command (CDC) to investigate the said page. Which right now we still don't know. Is this page real or is there a cheeky person creating a trend? To get views or hope for some kind of result which if found to have actually committed a crime It will be processed immediately.

In addition, Inspector Siwa was also mentioned that the incident was caused by a problem. truck tribute case Because Kamnan Nok's house has more than 100 trucks which are overweight. Inspector Siwa has taken legal action. Kamnan Nok had tried to contact and negotiate earlier. But Inspector Siwa refused. It is a straightforward person and it is a matter of policy that has been suppressed before. When there is a party and a commander The phone call came for Inspector Shiva. Go attend the event and improve your understanding with Kamnan Nok. Kamnan Nok instead used this opportunity to ask for a position for his grandson. which was again rejected. Until coming to the third problem, which is the most embarrassing problem. It was the pure liquor duel (On the Rock), but lost again for the third time, so he felt a severe loss of face For his part, he saw that Inspector Siwa did his duty as a good police officer until the last moment of his life. Because of the rejection of the job position It's on duty. And before In spector Siwa will die He rubbed his hand on his head and made a promise to his brothers and sisters in the Royal Thai Police. will restore justice Today, some justice has been received. Ready to emphasize to the media that This movie isn't finished yet. It's still a long series. Because after this, he and the 4 P.R., namely NACC, NACC, AMLO and AMLO, including the Revenue Department Will go in and check transactions and businesses.

Source: Thai News Agency