Today that I have been waiting for almost 50 years, I just met my daughter.

August 17 – Today that I have been waiting for almost 50 years, I just met my daughter. As soon as she learned the news for only 1 day, her daughter went to see Grandma Pim, 73, and took them back together to Sakon Nakhon. shed tears embraced Happy to have today

Grandma Pim, 73, finally found her daughter who was separated for almost 50 years after a good citizen posted a message asking for help. Grandma is on the left side of the irrigation canal. Junior school side, no relatives, no ID card, broken leg, must use, not support And at the end of this month, the owner who let Grandma move out Grandma has nowhere to go. Requesting agencies to help This leads to the coordination of information from the team in Kanchanaburi province from all sectors. Until I learned from the history of Ms. Maruchat's ID card making that she was Grandma Pim's daughter. The staff therefore contacted and inquired. Until being able to notify the daughter to meet with Grandma Pim who is finally a mother

Ms. Maruchat, Grandma Pim's daughter, said she heard the story from the staff and was shocked and very happy to see her mother again. After my mother lost contact for almost 50 years, she contracted a van to pick her up to live with her in Sakon Nakhon.

Grandmother's story after someone posted asking for help Kanchanaburi province team and Tha Maka Sheriff Helped Grandma Pim, 73, who stayed in a hut. Grandma said she left home at the age of 16 and worked as a Chinese waitress in Bangkok for 30-40 years. Accident hit by a car cause to be out of work There are neighbors who always take care of food for us to eat. Grandma Pim said she has 4 children. Maruchat Srihaphong is the 3rd daughter who lives in Sakon Nakhon. After the daughter chartered a van, she took her grandmother to live with her. The Grandmother Pim family would like to thank all agencies that made mother and son meet. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency