“Toey” admits that she is deeply in love with “Nong Marin” but still doesn’t want to have children.

Toey" is delighted to be able to run to fulfill her vow. Laughs at being teased by "James", admitting he is deeply infatuated with "Nong Marin" but still doesn't want to have children.

with the organizer "Ja Yossini" and the gang of fellow actors of the drama "Matalada" led by "James Jirayu / Ryu Vachirawit / Janji Janjira" that if the drama rating reaches 5 I will make amends by running a distance of 10 kilometers, but on the appointed day, I will go to the field to warm up. The heroine of the story, "Toey Jarinphon", has muscle inflammation. Can't run with friends Had to go to the hospital and have the doctor give me an injection instead. But he still hasn't given up. After being treated until fully recovered He immediately arranged to meet up with the gang to go running. This time I ran as intended.

In addition, "Toey" also talks about her duties as the lovely "Aunt Toey" playing with "Nong Marin", the daughter of "Mew Nittha", saying that since "Marin" was born she has never met her grandchild. When we met, I felt that "Nong Marin" was very cute and funny. My niece fell completely.

Asked after playing with grandchildren Do you have a feeling of wanting to have a baby? "Toey" clearly emphasizes that she is still far from this feeling. Because I think it's not the right moment. Don't feel the need to have And I still haven't seen a picture of myself when I had a child. I don't want to have children. But I want to have a life partner.

Source: Thai News Agency