Tourists report having their bags stolen. Stealing a total of more than 1 million

Surat Thani, Ukrainian tourist couple. Report a thief who stole your luggage. Stealing money worth more than 1 million baht while traveling on a non-regular bus. From Koh Phangan to Bangkok Police rush to check CCTV cameras To find the culprit to prosecute

Two Ukrainian tourists File a report at Muang Surat Thani Police Station that a thief had broken into a suitcase Theft of money worth more than 1 million baht occurred between 18-19 October. While traveling by non-regular bus From Koh Phangan to Bangkok The victim had two suitcases and took cash in dollars, euros and Ukrainian hryvnia in three separate envelopes and put them in a small suitcase. Ready to lock the key and enter the password.

Later, upon arriving on Khao San Road, Bangkok, in the early morning hours of October 19, it was noticed that the area where the luggage locks were locked had signs of damage. Both bags had signs of being ransacked. In the large one, no property was lost. In the small one, the money that was placed in the envelope was missing. With only 900 Ukrainian hryvnia left, the victim went to report the crime at Chana Songkhram Police Station and returned to report the crime. Muang Surat Thani Police Station said the police rushed to interrogate the victims and those involved. Check the CCTV cameras and coordinate with the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission to collect DNA from the money envelope. including all suspects To continue looking for the culprit. - Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency