“Upakit” goes to court to investigate charges against “Rangsiman Rome” for defamation

Upakit" goes to court to investigate charges against "Rangsiman Rome" for defamation in the second case, confirming his innocence and not being involved in the Tun Min Latt money laundering case. If the prosecutor announces additional charges. Welcome to the court process.

Today (September 11) at the Criminal Court, Ratchadaphisek Road. The court has scheduled a preliminary hearing in the case that Mr. Upakit Pachariyangkun, a member of the Senate (Senator), filed a lawsuit against Mr. Rangsiman Rome, a list MP of the Progressive Party, for defamation. In the case of the news announcement at the Kaew Klai Party on April 10

Mr. Upakit came to inquire into the grounds of the lawsuit in person, with a group of Ayutthaya citizens coming to hold up signs to encourage him. Mr. Upakit said that he came to inquire into the grounds of the complaint that he had filed against Mr. Rangsiman. In the offense of defamation This case is the second case after the council session closed on April 10th. Mr. Rangsiman Rome also gave an interview at the Forward Party. which has content that has caused his reputation to be greatly damaged and has been posted on various social media. This is the second case that he has filed a lawsuit against. Today, the defendant asked for a postponement, citing the reason that his lawyer was representing him in another court. The court allowed the postponement to 27 November and believed that Mr. Rangsiman had committed a crime by discussing the matter in parliament. And when the parliament was dissolved, there were still repeated statements. This he could not accept.

When asked about the case of being charged with money laundering, Tun Min Latt, Mr. Upakit said that this case was not related to him. It's a different case. But ready to fight in the justice process if charges are filed or charges are filed. I'm ready to fight in court. Previously, the case was postponed 4 times in the past. It didn't come from their own side. But it was the prosecutor who postponed listening to the order himself. In the past, he had reported himself every time but no charges had been filed. The last time he was in a council meeting so he asked to postpone it. But the privilege has not yet been used. The Senate, in any case, only asked for an adjournment. At this time, the Attorney General has not yet filed a lawsuit and has not exercised his privileges. Senator because of the use of privileges The police or prosecutor must take the matter to the council. to excuse myself according to the constitution But right now we haven't gotten to that point yet. However, if the steps are followed. He w as ready to go and acknowledge the accusations. Because he had never done anything as accused by Mr. Rangsiman, even when he was wrong. Police Lieutenant Colonel Manapong Wongpiwat

Accused by fabricating false evidence Translating false statements in order to accuse The law must be fair. He has already announced that there are 112 companies that have transferred money from the accounts that they claim to be. It's a drug account. which are all large companies which have transferred money in and not transferred anywhere But their assets were transferred to the Electricity Authority. which is a state enterprise, is not kept at the company itself at all So I'm confused as to how the case got this far

Source: Thai News Agency