US envoy renews commitment to US-PH ties

United States Ambassador to the Philippines Mary Kay Carlson on Friday reiterated her country's commitment to further strengthen partnership with the Philippines on economy, education, and security. Carlson made the reassurance in a message during the 114th Baguio Charter Day anniversary celebration at the Baguio Convention Center. 'Every trip I have made from Pagudpud up north to Zamboanga down south and mini parts in between has brought me a greater appreciation for the Philippines' rich and diverse history and during my travels, I have learned about this country's immense potential, a future that the United States is honored to support as your friend, partner and ally,' she said. During her travels throughout different parts of the country, including Baguio, she saw not only the heritage but also its huge potential. Carlson said her government supports the country's transition to clean energy, citing projects by the United States of America for International Development (USAID) to help build a more resilient Philippines. She also noted several US companies in the country that employ entry-level workers and executives. 'Timex is just one of the many US businesses operating in the Philippines [Cebu] to grow a brighter future for the Philippines and the United States as partners in prosperity,' the diplomat said. She also talked about the Filipino alumni of US Embassy exchange programs, saying it was 'so impressive to see these young entrepreneurs.' 'In every stop the dozens of places I visited throughout the Philippines, I have been wowed by the youth, many of whom are alumni of US Embassy exchange programs. These talented young people take the lessons from their experiences here in the Philippines and the US to make their visionary ideas for the future a reality including many small and medium enterprises which they started on their own,' she said. Meanwhile, Carlson highlighted Baguio's deep history and how it is directly connected with that of the US. 'You can see it in the many heritage sites like Camp John Hay or Burnham Park. While these historical connections are important, Baguio is also primarily, informative, and distinctly a Filipino city with a rich indigenous culture. No wonder it is a UNESCO creative city with the amazing performances that we have seen today, I am so wowed by what we saw on stage. The US is proud to partner with you in realizing your vision for the city,' Carlson added. US-Baguio ties The American envoy said this partnership comes in the form of educational linkages like the University of the Cordilleras and the University of Cincinnati which are jointly developing programs on cyber security. She also said that they are opening an affiliate American space within the Philippine Military Academy, also located in Baguio to provide cadets with access to the latest US scholarly research. She said the city is also being eyed by numerous cutting-edge American companies for future investment. These would be an addition to companies like microchip maker Texas Instruments, and firms in the business process management sector such as Sitel, Convergys, and Synergy, which already have offices in the city. 'These companies are just part of the flourishing US-PH economic partnership which is for the prosperous future of both our countries,' Carlson said

Source: Philippines News Agency