Video Competition Prize Presentation

The Youth and Vape Video Competition organised by the Health Promotion Centre is hoped to raise the public awareness on the negative effects of using electronic cigarette or vape on health, especially among youth. Winners received their prizes at a Prize Presentation Ceremony held on 1tth November afternoon, at Health Promotion Centre, Commonwealth Drive.

The mock cheque was presented by Awang Haji Maswadi bin Haji Mohsin, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health. For the short video, Matters of Choice with the 'Vape Trap' video and Syahmi Saifuddin with a video titled 'Codename: No Vape' were chosen as the winners. Meanwhile, Haziq Aniq with a video titled 'Sebab Kawan, Aku Merana'; Ar-Rijal Min SMALHB with 'Belia dan Vape' video and a video title 'Biasa Sudah' by PaciMiyan were chosen as winners of short videos with the highest number of share and likes at the Health Promotion Centre's social media account.

Source: Radio Television Brunei