Warning that all digital wallets will be poured out throughout the country.

Khamnoon" warns that hidden digital wallets pose high risks. Pointing out that he is not giving his all to Thailand or the government. But it is the lap of the country. Ask where the money comes from. I fear that if money from state enterprises is used, it will be like the rice pledging project.

Mr. Khamnoon Sitthisaman, Member of the Senate (Senator), mentioned the 10,000 baht digital wallet policy, which is considered a smart and courageous policy. But it hides a lot of randomness. It is a policy that has caused a lot of debate. The Prime Minister's use of the word is a trigger to stimulate and jerk the economy. It is like the starting point and the first button of all policies. The Prime Minister Said it was all-in. He sees that he is not just the lap of the Pheu Thai Party or the coalition government party. But is it Thailand's lap? The question is Where will the source of the money come from?

“Earlier, a minister came out and stated that The source of the money will be using a system for state enterprise agencies to do first. Then the government will use the budget. return it later This will be like the rice pledging project from more than 10 years ago. Will it be a project within the budget or outside the budget? And how much money will be required? Moreover, there is concern that When the source of money is still a problem Is there a possibility of tapping other assets of the country? who consider that our country has enough to manage for maximum benefit, such as international reserves,” Mr. Khamnoon said

Source: Thai News Agency