water buffalo horn Easy to grow, sell, take care of, earn ten thousand

Farmers in Puey Noi District, Khon Kaen Province grow buffalo horn chestnuts on 2 rai and sell both boiled and fresh fruits and seedlings, generating additional monthly income of more than 20,000 baht. Recently, an online distribution channel has been added.

Mrs. Somsamai Thanban, a farmer, gave information that at first she didn't intend to grow it. Just try to order varieties from online channels. Planting chestnuts takes 4 months, similar to planting paddy rice. by using the top of the species to grow Currently using 2 rai of land to grow in the house. It has been planted for 2 years. The quantity of 3 tons per year. There are 3 types of sales models: 1. Boiled for 50 baht per kg. 2. Selling fresh pods, wholesale 3 kg. 100 baht 3. Selling Yod-Phan, each amount is 5 baht, and currently wholesale Yod-Phan through online channels as well. monthly income 15,000-20,000 baht

Water Chestnut is a biennial aquatic plant that is common for many seasons. It looks like a floating clump, likes stagnant water, has roots that cling to the soil and flow. when fruiting The flower stalks will bend back into the water and the fruit will grow under the water. The reddish-purple young fruit turns black when mature. The two curved horns grow from the calyx. The fruit or pods are large black. Its thick, hard shell is bent like a buffalo horn. when peeling off the hard outer shell will get white meat The pods can be eaten. Can be used to make a lot of sweet and savory dishes

Source: Thai News Agency