Wife of Thai Worker in Israel Breaks Down in Tears as Husband Killed

The wife of a Thai worker killed in Israel is devastated after receiving heartbreaking news that her husband lost his life in a violent incident.

In the midst of the Israel-Hamas fighting, it has been reported that 12 Thai nationals have lost their lives, with confirmation from Israeli authorities for two Thai deaths, while the identities of the other 10 are still awaiting verification by their employers. Additionally, eight Thai workers have been injured, and 11 have been taken hostage.

One of the confirmed casualties is Mr. Somkuan Phansa-ard, 39 who worked as a farmer in Israel. His wife, Ms. Rungtiwa Reungrit, 31 revealed that her husband was fatally shot on the evening of October 7 after he had been working on an Israeli farm for almost a year.

The couple had a video call in the morning, during which there was some fighting, leading Rungtiwa to advise him to stay indoors. However, after the call ended, a friend of Somkuan contacted her with distressing news. He informed her that an armed group had entered the workers’ camp. Somkuan had jumped out of the window to escape but was captured and shot dead. The other friends managed to flee in time.

Rungtiwa said her husband had promised to work in Israel for five years to save money to return to their family. Tragically, this plan was cut short by his untimely demise.

Local labor department officials from Nakhon Phanom province visited her to provide comfort and support, as well as to explain the benefits she may be entitled to. They are now waiting for further updates regarding the return of Somkuan’s body for funeral rites.

Some Thai migrant workers have managed to stay safe, as they used video calls to contact their families, including Adisak Khwachaiwi, a 31-year-old agricultural worker, who has been in touch with his mother.

He confirmed that he is safe and currently in a sheltered area, assisted by Israeli soldiers. The workers’ camp is located approximately 10 kilometers away from the conflict zone. However, some workers have reported that armed groups have attempted to capture them, leading to physical harm, and they have had to flee to survive.

Meanwhile, the mother of Pattanayut Tonsoki, 40 Nakhon Phanom native has not been able to contact her son since the incident. He was in the same workers’ camp as Adisak. Efforts are ongoing to locate and provide assistance to missing persons.

Governor of Nakhon Phanom, Wanchai Janporn revealed that there are over 90 Thai workers in the camp from Nakhon Phanom province.

So far, one person has been confirmed dead, three are missing, with one of them having received assistance from Israeli soldiers. The remaining two are still being sought. The provincial authorities have coordinated with relevant agencies to gather information and expedite assistance efforts.

Source: Thai News Agency