“Zico” believes Thailand can beat Lebanon in the King’s Cup tonight.

"Zico" believes the Thai national team has a chance to beat Lebanon in the King's Cup tonight and sends encouragement. I believe playing in Chiang Mai will get a lot of encouragement.

Zico Kiatisuk Senamuang, former football player and coach of the Thai national team Currently, he is the head coach of Hoang Anh Gia Lai, a team in the V-League. Vietnam Commenting on the King's Cup football match that Thailand is about to play, he said that in this competition, the Thai national team must win the championship only. to build confidence But if they don't win the championship, they must at least get the best players. Ready to compete in the World Cup qualifying round.

Because most of this group of players are new players. The coaches called in to try and test the team system. At least during the King's Cup and the FIFA Day matches will be a time for the coaches to try trial and error to find the best team. Before meeting the Chinese national team in the first World Cup qualifying match. in november Therefore, winning the championship and get the best set of players first It will be the first step to build that will help build confidence among coaches, players, fans and the media because we must not forget that in the World Cup there are only solid things. and the real thing that must be encountered

As for meeting with Lebanon, even in the past, when he was in charge of the Thai national team for the first time in 2014, at that time the Rajamangala Stadium opened, losing 2-5 to Lebanon, but now everything It's changed. Both the players and the standards of the Thai national team are increasing. and get to play at home Personally, I think that this match There is a chance that the Thai national team will win 60 / 40.

And myself as a former Thai national team player, coach and still in football Still following the work of the young people. There is always a new version. And knowing how much potential and talent everyone has in the King's Cup football match, I would like to encourage all young people that playing for the country is considered the greatest thing. I want everyone to show their full potential. And most importantly, going to play in Chiang Mai is believed to be overwhelming encouragement for sure. I want every player to know that. Definitely won't walk alone. Because there will always be football fans who will always support you, no matter how the results come out. Just play hard, play hard, play hard, play hard.

Source: Thai News Agency