10th Jalinan Kasih Project

Radio Television Brunei, RTB, will continue to approach the society at all levels and backgrounds through the Project organised by the radio services which is the Jalinan Kasih Project Programme. Since it was first organised in 2009, the project became a social responsibility derived from the attention and care given towards those requiring aid. The Director of Radio Television Brunei explained the matter at the launch of the 10th Jalinan Kasih Project, yesterday morning.

Awang Haji Muhammad Suffian bin Haji Bungsu said the project is able to better approach those requiring aid in particular orphans, senior citizens, people with special needs, new converts and the less fortunate through a programme organised by a number of radio channels. The effort is also in line with the department's desires to make a radio community and uphold the government's hopes in establishing a culture of a loving, attentive and caring community towards the less fortunate and those requiring aid. The project is also able to foster close cooperation with a number of agencies involved. Indirectly, the Jalinan Kasih project is able to act as a bridge in connecting the department with the society that requires aid and attention.

The function was highlighted with a talk delivered by Awang Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Ajak, Co-Founder of Al-Minhaaj Centre Brunei Darussalam. The talk among others touched on the benefits of sedekah or alms and the role of society in reaching out to those in need.

The function ran concurrently with the presentation of certificates to a number of local companies involved in the project.

The function continued with a presentation of donations and contributions in the form of staple food to 10 recipients comprising single mothers, orphans and senior citizens. The project will be mobilised in the four districts to distribute the donations to selected people apart from breaking the fast with target groups. Among the activities lined up under the Jalinan Kasih project is the breaking of fast with several target groups.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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