16th Session of Legislative Council Meeting Dress Code and Regulations for Entry

The official opening ceremony of the first meeting of the 16th session of the Legislative Council Meeting will be held this Monday, 9th March, at the Dewan Persidangan of the Legislative Council Building, Jalan Dewan Majlis. In this regard, members of the public who wish to attend the Legislative Council Meeting Session are required to comply to certain rules and regulations specifically on dress code and procedures for entry into the Dewan Majlis, including current rules of the Dewan Persidangan of the Legislative Council.

For government officers and the public who wish to listen to the deliberation, they must wear long-sleeved shirt, tie and songkok or Baju Cara Melayu with sinjang and Songkok. Women should wear baju kurung with headscarf or long skirt or lounge suit. For educational institutions, long sleeves for students, baju kurung with headscarf and well-groomed and polite. Students or pupils are required to wear their school uniforms. Not permitted clothings include hats, short sleeve shirt, T-shirt, sports shirt, jeans, shorts, sports trousers, short skirt, leggings, sandals or slippers.

The Legislative Council Meeting is divided into two sessions namely the morning session from 9 in the morning until 12 noon and the afternoon session from 2 until 4.30 in the afternoon. For inquiries, contact the Secretariat of the Legislative Council Meeting at 2380501.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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