1K1P Exhibition

Temburong district is a platform to highlight village products and has the potential to be developed, as well as further develop the tourism industry in the district.

The One Village One Product, 1K1P economic activity is expected to be a step towards efforts to improve the economy of the villagers and promote village products locally and abroad. Four Village Consultative Councils exhibited their respective products at the Temburong Bumiputera Main Complex. The exhibition among others, featured a demonstration of handicraft making from the Women's Bureau of the Kampung Sibut Consultative Council.

The Kampung Senukoh Consultative Council showcased Dry and Wet Yellow Noodles products. A demonstration of how to make honey banana chips, was shown by the Kampung Batu Apoi Consultative Council which is also famous for its 'Ambulong'. Meanwhile, the Kampung Belais and Buda-Buda Consultative Council gave a demonstration on Penyaram making.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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