2019 – nCoV Virus

Following the photo and several information that went viral through the social media applications in regards to a foreign patient who has been treated at the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital and suspected to be infected with N1 or Coronavirus, the Ministry of Health announces that the information is not true.

The Ministry also confirms that the patient seeks medical screening at the hospital and was sent to the National Isolation Centre for further inspection and as a precautionary measure. At the moment, the patient is in a stable state and the Ministry is in the process of identifying if the patient is related to the 2019 - nCoV Virus from Wuhan, China.

The Ministry has increased measures and readiness in controlling the virus from spreading in the country. Among the measures taken are re-introducing the usage of body temperature screening for travellers arrived in the country through the Brunei International Airport starting 21st of this month, enhancing the implementation of Standard Operating Procedure, SOP at government clinics and hospitals, and a continuous monitoring as well as an infection risk evaluation around the world.

The Ministry of Health also would like to explain that as the current SOP, any individual with influenza symptom such as fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, specifically to those who has a travel history to China, will be brought to the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital for further health screening.

Spreading false information to cause alarm or despondency is an offence under Section 34 of the Public Order Act, Chapter 148. Any person who, whether orally or in writing or by any other means, spreads false reports or makes false statements likely to cause public alarm or despondency shall be guilty of an offence: Penalty, a fine of $3,000 and imprisonment for 3 years. For more information, members of the public can visit the Ministry of Health's website at 'www.moh.gov.bn' or contact the Talian Darussalam at 123.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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