7th Funeral Management Workshop

Funeral rites including proper bathing, covering, prayers and burial techniques and methods taught by Prophet Muhammad Shallahu'alaihi Wasallam were imparted through the Application of Shafii Sect's Teachings Workshop. It was the practical session on the 7th Series on Funeral Management.…

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Get to Know ASEAN Roadshow

The Information Department through the International Affairs Unit held the Get to Know ASEAN Roadshow yesterday afternoon. Organised with the aim to enhance patriotism and ASEAN solidarity, the roadshow took place at Sultan Hassan Secondary School in Temburong District.

Over …

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Adulterated Health Products

Three health products were found to be adulterated with undeclared, potent western medicines. Following testing by the Pharmacy Section, Ministry of Health, the adulterants found in these products can cause adverse effects that are potentially hazardous. The products are Li …

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