Tamu Gayoh

The Mukim Bukit Sawat Consultative Council held the Tamu Gayoh yesterday morning, providing local residents the opportunity to further increase their income and promote Kampung Sungai Mau as well as Mukim Bukit Sawat.

The Tamu Gayoh was officiated by Yang …

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Local Man Died in Accident

A local man died in an accident at Lumut Bypass heading to Seria, Sungai Liang.

The Royal Brunei Police Force in a statement said they received an emergency call at 6:29 yesterday morning involving a self-accident. Early investigation found that …

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Nursing Potpourri Seminar

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed nurses to drastic change in patient healthcare practices. Through such experience and to ensure nurses and midwives are aware on the latest development and transformation of health services system, the Nurses' Association Brunei Darussalam, PENJURU …

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