292 People have Embraced Islam this Year

Statistics from January to November show that 292 people have embraced Islam in the country this year. 192 are local residents and 100 are non-locals.

Brunei Muara District recorded the highest number of 135 new converts within that period, followed by Tutong District with 76, Belait district 60 and 21 in Temburong District.

According to the Islamic Da'wah Centre, Ibans make up the highest number of 90 converts, followed by 79 Dusuns. Filipinos 44 and Chinese also 44, while the rest are Muruts, Bisayas, Europeans and others. The Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Islamic Da'wah Centre continues to propagate Islam and monitor the activities of new converts in the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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