4 Batches of Paracetamol Suspension Medicine Recalled

Following the viral message through social media regarding the quarantined Paracetamol Suspension medicine, the Ministry of Health confirmed that four batches of Paracetamol Suspension medicine 50 milligrams / millimetre have been recalled from distribution. The Ministry of Health in its press release stated that the recall of the medicine is in accordance to the Standard Operating Procedure, SOP of Department of Pharmaceutical Services after internal monitoring on the product found that its quality may be affected.

The recall only involves the listed four batches and does not involve other batches that have been supplied through Department of Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health. The Department of Pharmaceutical Services is conducting further investigations on the product, in collaboration with the Department of Scientific Services and the supplier. In this regard, public who have Paracetamol Suspension with the batch numbers are advised not to consume it or return it to the pharmacy at nearby hospitals or health centres.

No patients reported any serious adverse effects after consumption. However, the public are advised to seek medical advice if their conditions get worse after consumption. The Ministry of Health continues to ensure compliance of pharmaceutical products supplied to the Ministry of Health reaches a high quality and safe for consumption.

The Ministry of Health reminded the public to not be alarmed with the spread of the information.

For latest information, visit the ministry’s website at ‘www.moh.gov.bn’ or social media at mohbrunei and ‘@pharmacybrunei’.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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