779 Emergency Call Cases Received From January – November 2018

Seven hundred and seventy nine emergency call cases were recorded from January until November this year, involving seven casualties. The statistics are from the Fire and Rescue Department.

From the number, 55 calls were for house fires; 10 building fires; 539 calls for fallen trees ; 37 calls seeking flood assistance; 80 land slide cases; 53 calls were for flying roofs; 2 search and rescue cases for drowning victims involving one casualty and 3 boat accident cases involving 6 casualties. Last year, nine hundred and forty-five emergency calls were recorded compared to one hundred and 65 in the previous year.

The Fire and Rescue Department advises the public to always be aware and take note of the weather conditions from time to time especially during rain and strong winds. The public is also urged to take precautionary measures such as reducing outdoor activities, staying indoors or not driving during heavy rain and strong wind conditions if unnecessary and if they are stuck in bad weather conditions, to find a safe place to stop.

The Fire and Rescue Department is on standby 24 hours and is always conducting patrols and monitoring on land as well as on the waters to avoid any unwanted incidences especially at high and low-lying areas identified as high risk.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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