Action Taken Against 7 Illegal Racers

The Land Transport Department, JPD has taken action against seven drivers involved in illegal racing activities at the open area of the Tutong District Civic Centre Complex recently. The vehicles involved were towed to the Vehicle Inspection Centre, JPD Headquarters in Gadong for further inspection.

As a result of the inspection conducted, six of the vehicles were found to be modified without permit. JPD has also ordered the vehicle owners to change the vehicles back to the original specifications. Following this, the vehicle licence for two of the vehicles involved were revoked. Meanwhile, 14 compound fines were issued to six drivers for the offence of illegal vehicle modifications.

Any motor vehicle drivers who have made offences against Regulation 3 of the Road Traffic Act Chapter 68 which is any vehicles that does not adhere to the Road Traffic Act and Regulation / Modified Vehicles, can be issued with compound fines. The first offence will be issued a 50 dollar compound fine, second offence - 150 dollars, third offence - 300 dollars, fourth offence - 500 dollars; and for subsequent offences, the driver can be brought to court.

Under Paragraph 37 (A) bracket 7 of the Road Traffic Act Chapter 68, which is any person organising or participating in any competition or speed tests without written approval can be fined not less than one thousand dollars and not exceeding two thousand dollars and 6 month imprisonment. If found guilty of a second and subsequent offences, can be fined not less than two thousand dollars and not exceeding three thousand dollars as well as 12 months imprisonment. JPD seeks the public's cooperation in sharing any matters that can jeopardise road safety by contacting Talian Darussalam 123 or through the Talian Darussalam WhatsApp at 8333123 or the Talian Darussalam website '' and including the vehicles photo.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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