Advance Check-In For London’s Flight

The Department of Civil Aviation informed members of the public on the procedures for sending passengers at Brunei International Airport departing on the flights to London, United Kingdom on the 11th September and 25th September 2021.

To ensure all preventive measures are adhered to and complied with as issued by the Ministry of Health especially regarding procedures with respect to mass gatherings and physical distancing, the Department of Civil Aviation has taken the initiative to provide advance check-in which is available one day prior to departure, for all passengers departing on London flights.

All departing passengers on this flight, who are either travelling in groups or individually, are to use the drop-off procedure only. Any students who will be taking the above flights are to adhere to any advice given by the Ministry of Education regarding drop-off and departure procedures.

Departing passengers are required to download the BruHealth app on their mobile devices and must scan the QR Code provided prior to entering the Brunei International Airport. Passengers who are not able to download the BruHealth app must fill in their personal details in the record book provided and submit proof of travel documentations as well as negative COVID-19 PCR Test Certificate, if required, prior to entering the Brunei International Airport.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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