Agriculture Business Exposure Programme

The Agriculture business exposure program for youth on a Contract Farming basis is hoped to attract the interest of youth to venture into the agricultural sector, which can help increase agricultural output and enhance the country's export market. The program is one of the initiatives of the Agriculture and Agrifood department to support the department's 2016 - 2020 strategic plan. The matter was stated by Dayang Hajah Aidah binti Haji Mohd Hanifah, Director of Agriculture and Agrifood yesterday morning during a briefing on the program at the Rimba Horticulture Business Centre in Gadong.

According to Dayang Hajah Aidah, the programme makes use of advanced technology, which can increase agricultural output and provide lucrative returns. She added, the youth will be exposed to real-world technology that can improve yield through field visits which was listed in the programme. Such a programme is hope to attract the interest and increase the youth participation in agriculture sector on a contract farming basis, increase agricultural output and enhance the country's export market.

The briefing among other things touched on investment opportunities in plant industry as well as financial simulations for agricultural business using advanced technology. The briefing was delivered by officers from the Agriculture and Agrifood department. The 4-day programme, begins today.

Interested participants on the Contract Farming basis will be provided with a hectare of land as a start-up. Through such method, farmers are guaranteed that their output which meet the standard of requirement will be purchased. Awang Hirman bin Haji Abu, Head of Plant Industry said the products will be purchased by the company and marketed abroad. The Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism through the Agriculture Department will strives to help youths and companies to meet such objective. The department is also offering technical help for the youths including subsidize fertilizers and contract farming.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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