Aidilfitri Bazaar

Various items can be found at the Aidilfitri Bazaar organised by the Kampung Sungai Bunga Consultative Council with the cooperation of the Brunei Muara District Office. The Bazaar was officiated yesterday afternoon at the Rimba Point Car Park area.

The Bazaar was launched by Awang Haji Amirol Hafidzin bin Haji Mohammad, Brunei Muara District Assistant Officer. Earlier, 28 orphans of Kampung Sungai Bunga Consultative Council and the surrounding villages received donations.

The bazaar is joined by local and foreign entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, MPK Sungai Bunga, which is active in economic activities, also sells various types of cakes to facilitate the public to get food for breaking of the fast and Aidilfitri celebration.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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