Aidilfitri’s Joyful Atmosphere

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrated by the Muslim ummah, not only in the country but also the world over. As usual, the nights of the month of Syawal is lit up with decorative lights to symbolise the joy of the celebration. The glimmer of the colourful decorative lights further enlivens the most major celebration in the Islamic calendar.


RTB’s crew took a closer look at the night atmosphere at several commercial areas which were lit up with colourful decorative lights in various designs. This has certainly uplifted the joyous and happy atmosphere, especially in further enlivening the Day of Victory after fasting for a month.


Meanwhile, in an effort to boost the Hari Raya spirit, this year, a private company has made a decorative structure, showcasing colourful traditional flowers and ketupat, the crescent moon and Selamat Hari Ray wording, glimmering in the night.


Private homes were also lit up with a multitude of decorative lights according to the respective creativities. For a number of the country’s communities, the lighting up of the decorative lights contains a hidden meaning, signifying that the house owner is at home and visitors are welcomed.


This year is the third Syawal that is celebrated in a different way. Even with the new normals, hari raya Aidilfitri is still celebrated in a joyful atmosphere with the beloved family members, albeit adhering to guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. What is most important, is to practise the social responsibility of preventing the spread of COVID-19.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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