AiTi to Host CodeOff Challenge Hackathon Today (BruDirect (Brunei))

The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) and Tru Synergy, in collaboration with a community of local programmers called Brunei Geekmeet, will be holding the ‘CodeOff Challenge Hackathon’ today.

The CodeOff Challenge Hackathon is an event which will allow participants to stimulate problem-solving abilities through programming. Participants will be collaborating to create mobile app mockups as well as brainstorm and work on their apps with the support of local mentors from Brunei Geekmeet, CubeBox Solutions and more.

The event will give participants the opportunity to experience working under pressure in order to solve problems with a “design thinking” approach.

The organisers explained in a press release that they are working with Brunei Geekmeet to leverage on their knowledge and expertise as well as explore opportunities to expand the “codepreneurs” community. They highlightedthat the event will also be valuable to those interested in networking with other programmers as well as to meet potential business partners.

The CodeOff Challenge Hackathon provides a platform for participants to come up with solutions to problems around us. Participants are encouraged to bring existing projects that they are working on provided that the project has not been submitted before or has not won any competitions previously.

The event is part of the CodeNext 2015 project – a joint collaboration between AITI and Tru Synergy that was launched in March earlier this year with a seminar.

So far, the project has seen the delivery of a series of programmes including the CodeUp Masterclass, CodeUp Women Seminar and Workshop as well as CodeUp Bootcamp for Youth, with the overall participation of more than 200 programmers, technopreneurs and students. The CodeOff Challenge Hacktahon is taking place today at the Seri Kerna Hall, AITI.

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