Al-Quran Generation Is the Best Ummah

Al-Quran generation is the best ummah. One of the significant knowledge towards shaping an educated and excellent Muslim is through Al-Quran. It is a sign from Allah the Almighty and the first source of complete reference and guideline for humanity. Persistent and hard work are the key of success achieved by the champion Qari and Qariah of the Finals of National Al-Quran Reading Musabaqah for Adults.

Many other Al-Quran Studies class and Al-Quran Reading Refinement tutoring classes have been opened in the country. They provide many opportunities to participations who truly wish to attend such classes. The initiative of the Ministry of Religious Affairs in organising the Al-Quran class workshops can provide continuous training towards enhancing the reading quality of Al-Quran and giving support to the participants towards success.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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