Annually Deliberates Matters and Issues of Interest As Well As Of Importance for the Well-Being of the Country and the People

The Legislative Council meeting enters its 14th year since its re-establishment in 2004. The meeting among other matters will deliberate on the Supply Bill for the Financial Year 2018/2019 for Brunei Darussalam Ministries and Government Departments.

The Legislative Council convenes every year to deliberate matters and issues of interest as well of importance for the well-being of the country and the people. The Legislative Council meeting is also an avenue for the country's citizens and residents to voice their opinions and problems via the Appointed Members, through discussions and deliberations that adhere to the Malay Islamic Monarchy, (MIB) concept in enhancing and strengthening relations between the people and the Government.

The session will be open to members of the public and education institutions who wish to hear the deliberations and debates. In this regard, any party wishing to attend the Legislative Council Session are requested to adhere to a number of regulations, particularly the dress code and etiquette related to entering the Dewan Majlis and while in the Dewan Persidangan Majlis Mesyuarat Negara.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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