Aquaponics Gardening

Gardening using the aquaponics system is now gaining popularity not only for full time farmers but also for those who venture into the field as a hobby. This is because the aquaponics system is easy to manage as it is water based and does not require pesticides as well as fertilisers.

Several traditional plants that are usually grown in soil can be grown using the aquaponics system. A teacher, Haji Mohammad Farizam bin Haji Mohamed Yakob, began aquaponics gardening this year as a hobby at his residence in Kampung Pandan 7, Kuala Belait.

Haji Mohammad Farizam said aquaponics gardening produces organic food as no pesticides are used, and is suitable for those who are practising healthy eating. He added that the encouraging result may one day motivate him to expand his hobby not only for his own consumption but also for sales.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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