Archery Sport is growing in Interest

With the motto 'Know the strength in archery', Ar-Rafi Archery Academy Centre has successfully produced 500 students since its establishment in 2017. Various efforts and initiatives have been implemented especially for those interested in the sport. This year, the Opening of the Archery Practical and Theoretical Classes was opened in collaboration with the Ar-Rafi Archery Academy Centre, Yunus Emre Institution and Okcular Vakfe International Archer.

At the beginning of its establishment, students at the centre were guided by instructors who graduated from the Al-Badar Archery Academy, Malaysia. However this year, the centre's instructors comprise those who graduated from the Republic of Turkey with an archery learning system taught according to the recognized syllabus of the Republic of Turkey.

Some 300 students are currently studying at the Ar-Rafi Archery Academy Centre which currently offers three learning courses, namely Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Apart from that, the centre also offers an 'Intro Class' which is open to the Ministry of Defence and the public. Meanwhile, the 'Junior Archery Programme', JAP is open to children aged between 6 to 10.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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